Come and experience it all – the lights, the booming music, the moves, the sprints, the mountains, and so much more – all packed into an intense and exciting 45 minute workout. You’ll be sweating and dancing and will leave with a smile on your face.

Getting Started

-Please come already dressed and ready for class. Wardrobes and showers are not available at this time. Changing and showering in our indoor studios will not bepossible.

-Wear a mask at all times before and after class and when off the bike.

-Disinfect/wash your hands upon arrival, and disinfect your bike/weights/bands before and after use.

-Doors open 10 min prior to class. Please come no sooner.

-You can take your belongings with you into the training room and leave them next to you and your bike.

-In order to keep classes running on time, please do not stand around/mingle/hang out after class. We ask that all clients follow a quick “in and out” procedure before and after class.


What we do for all our safety

- We are keeping our ventilation systems on the highest level, replacing all air 8-10 times per hour in the studio rooms.

- We keep a safe distance between bikes. 

- Clients are to wear masks whenever off the bike and before and after class. 

- Clients are to disinfect their hands upon arrival.

- Our staff disinfects all weights, bikes, and bands both before and after class.

- Our staff are required to wear masks at all times when off bike. 

- Changing rooms, lockers, and showers are currently not available.

Our Classes

45 Minutes 

SuperCycle is a boutique indoor dance-cycling studio offering an intense and vigorous full-body workout. In our beautiful low-light space you'll find an amazing sound and light system, the best beats, and instructors who love what they do. We promise you'll step out an hour later with your heart rate, health, and happiness up! We've taken the best of high-intensity training and combined it with elements of dance and yoga to give you a deep, full-body experience. 

The Music

It’s all about the music. Each class is completely different, depending on the playlist handpicked by your instructor. From deep house and electro to pop, soul, and hiphop, 90s and 80s to R&B, we offer it all. Check out our instructors' Spotify samples for some sound-spiration, and pick your instructor accordingly. Our classes are 45 minutes of high intensity fun cycling - a mix of intense cardio with strength-based exercises and choreography. You don't need to have any cycling experience, but good general health is required.

About us

Rhana & Lilli

We're Lilli and Rhana, two friends whose passion for music and dance-cycling led us to create SuperCycle. We're all about being present and enjoying the moment, and we hope that our fun-loving, light-hearted - and challenging - approach to fitness shines through everything we do. We think you make the most progress mentally and physically when you're part of a supportive community that encourages you to bring your best self. That is what we strive to create at SuperCycle.

If you want to find out more about us you can go to or find us at one of our classes that we teach.

Get started

Before Your First Class...

1.  Bring workout gear, a towel, a water bottle, shoes (either trainers or cycling shoes with SPD cleats), and a whole lot of energy and good vibes! 

2.  Arrive on time for class. Doors open 10 min prior to class. Latecomers will unfortunately lose their spot in class and will not be reimbursed. 

3.  Have a light snack and plenty of water prior to class, especially in the morning. This is so that you have enough energy to power you through the workout. 

4.  If it's your first time and you don't know how to set up your bike, don't worry - come a bit earlier and one of our trainers or personnel will assist and answer any of your questions. 

5.  Take it at your own pace. Even if you can't do all the moves from the get-go, you can always take it slower and adjust the resistance on the bike to what works for you. Just remember to enjoy the ride and have fun! 

If you have any other questions, check out our FAQs page below or feel free to email us at .

Gift Vouchers

A Gift For All Occasions

If you're ever in need of the perfect, healthy, and fun gift for any occasion, we've got just the thing! We offer paper gift vouchers in studio - you can customize the voucher code that will be used online for booking to your liking and add on however many classes you would like. Just ask one of our trainers or personnel about our gift vouchers, and they'll help you out. 

Visit our PRICING page and scroll down to "VOUCHERS" for more details. 


The Perfect Venue

Whether it's a private event like a birthday party or a company workout session, we'd love to be able to host you. Email us at to organize your private event now.